The Missing Cloth

April 15, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

After waiting in line for hours, listening to that little old lady work her way past everyone behind you by complaining about her feet hurting and pleading to move ahead you didn’t budge…no not you…you held your ground. Just as you paid for your new iPad and they placed the bag in your hand the man behind the counter yelled out, “that’s the last one!” So what if that little old lady’s last wish was to own an iPad…you got yours. You carefully strapped it into your car seat and fastened the buckle. You drove the speed limit the entire way home, resisting the urge to be reckless and just get home as quick as possible. You finally arrived at your desk, box in hand, carefully you cut open the thin plastic wrapper, gently you lifted the top of the box off as the bottom slowly slid out until there it was…your new iPad! You cautiously lifted it out of its perfect fitting nest and held it in both hands, you looked to see what was beneath it, you lifted the cardboard tab to find…a cord and an adapter. You didn’t seem to care, you plugged it in, synced it up and began to poke, prod, slide, flick and practically drool all over your new iPad. After a while you decided that your friend could see it, just for a minute and as you handed it off you saw it…that layer of grimy, oily, “all day long I forgot to wash my hands” dirty smudges and fingerprints covering your prized possession! As your friend proceeded to explore you looked in the box again, opened the cardboard insert with the simplistic instructions, lifted the crate out of the bottom, looking…searching…”Where’s the darn cloth?” you asked out loud. Your friend replies, “The Cloth is Missing?”

Yes my friend…there is no cloth…stop searching for The Missing Cloth, give up…looks like you just have to buy one online…or do you? A quick Google search for “iPad Cleaning Cloth” lands you here, at, where we have teamed up with businesses all across this great country of ours to give you FREE iPad Cleaning Cloths! That’s right FREE! Just click HERE, fill out the form and we will send you a FREE Premium Anti-static Microfiber iPad Cleaning Cloth. Save the $10 for a few new apps on your iPad. We will send you the perfect size cloth in a plastic case that you can either keep in your wallet, attach to the back of your iPad or store it in your iPad case either way it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE!