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Sorry No More FREE Cloths

Sorry You Missed The Free Cloth Giveaway…

But don’t get too upset over it because we still have a great deal for you!

We have teamed up with the nice folks over at to offer you a great deal that will not only help you get your hands on an awesome microfiber cleaning cloth for your grubby little iPad…But you will also get a chance to win one of six iPad giveaways and other great prizes all for the low price of just $6.99 with FREE Shipping!

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Best Way To Clean Your iPad

High Quality iPad Cleaning Cloth

  • Material: High Quality, Hand Washable Microfiber
  • Dimensions: 7.125 inches wide; 9.5 inches long
  • Thickness: 5-6mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: less than 3oz.
  • Case: Clear Plastic PVC Pouch
  • Shipping: Free USPS 3-5 business days
  • Warranty: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • In Stock: Ships Same Day
  • Free Chance To Win An iPad
  • Price: $6.99 each
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Why do I need a Cleaning Cloth for my iPad?

Well you should already know why…you have tons of smudges and fingerprints that will simply wipe away without any harsh chemicals or scratches to your baby with a high quality cloth…it really is a shame that they didn’t include one…but then we wouldn’t be here to help you out…we would be playing on our iPads like you instead!

Why choose a microfiber cloth for my iPad iPad Cleaning Cloth on An iPad

Only $6.99

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How Does This Free iPad Giveaway Work?

For every iPad Cleaning Cloth that you buy we will automatically enter you for a chance to win an iPad! That’s it…you just buy something that you already need (an iPad Cleaning Cloth for your grubby little iPad screen) for only $6.99 and get a chance to win something worth over $500! Wow…we are pretty smart huh?

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*Rules & Restrictions Apply, No Purchase Necessary, See Official Rules for Details.

Here is the breakdown of the contest levels:

free ipad prize levels

C’mon it’s Only $6.99 & No Shipping Costs!

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When will I get my iPad Cleaning Cloth?

We will send your iPad Cleaning Cloth VIA standard USPS in a regular ole envelope (cause it is nice and compact and comes in a nifty plastic case that you can slip in your pocket, wallet or iPad Case or if you are feeling CRAZY just use some double sided tape and mount that bad boy to the back of your iPad!) When you get it open it, use it and maybe tell a friend about it so they can keep their iPad clean and you will be one cloth closer to possibly winning a Free iPad!

Wait…Why were you giving them away for free before?

There are over 3 million iPads in people’s grubby little hands today and the numbers are growing every second (seriously…check thisout) and every one of those people has the same problem that you do…”The Missing Cloth” for their iPad…so we decided to use our awesome advertising and marketing skills and get businesses across the country to “sponsor” iPad Cleaning Cloths by paying to have their logo and company info imprinted on the cloths and have them shipped out across America to YOU for FREE! The businesses win because they get their names into your hands (literally) on a promo item that you will most likely use every day of your life and you win because you need it and it is FREE. But we recently ran out of sponsors so we teamed up with to offer you this great deal in the meantime!

So you missed out on the Free Cloth You can still get a great deal today!

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How Many Free Cleaning Cloths did you give away?

Well we had several smaller sponsors and one medium sized sponsor so we were able to give away over 10,000 Free Cloths! But now the well is dry and the Free Cloths have all been sent BUT you can still buy one from us or and get a chance to win an iPad! Or if you are feeling crazy and think this idea would be the perfect way to advertise your business you can still Become a Sponsor!

Can My Business Still Sponsor Free iPad Cleaning Cloths?

Absolutely!! Businesses big and small are welcome to use our service to get their name out there…want to promote your website? How about your blog? Maybe you have an online store? All of these are great businesses to use with this marketing strategy! Contact us for pricing and availability.

Where Can I Get More Information About The iPad Cleaning Cloth?

Glad you asked! You can visit our partner’s website at and learn more about the cloth, the contest and how you can help spread the word to get your chance to win sooner!

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