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Your Business to iPad Owners?

It’s Simple…

Put Your Logo on Something They Will Use Every Day

And Give It To Them For FREE!

Thousands of iPad owners are signing up with us to receive a Free iPad cleaning cloth and we want to put your logo on every one that we send out!

800,000+ iPad Owners in the US & Counting…

Let Us Get Your Company’s Name Into ALL Of Their Grubby Little Hands!

As you already know, new iPads do not come stocked with a free cleaning cloth (which every iPad owner knows is an absolute necessity).  So, we here at TheMissingCloth found this to be a PERFECT advertising opportunity for you and other businesses across the country to get your brand name directly into the hands of iPad owners – where they’ll see it daily.  According to, “iPad owners…don’t mind sacrificing function for form, and are early adopters…they represent a desirable segment of consumers.”

What We Have To Offer…

We have an exclusive contact list of thousands of iPad owners looking for:

  • Free iPad Cleaning Cloths
  • Great Deals on iPad Cases, Accessories & Gear
  • Cool New Apps to Download onto their iPads
  • Discounts & Deals on Electronics & Software
  • Anything Fun & Exciting That Involves Their New iPad!

Think About This… 

At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of people are using their iPads; blissfully smudging them up with fingerprints and not realizing the mess until they can barely select an app from the cloudy smears upon the screen.  They will ALL need a microfiber cloth, as the oleophobic display screen requires a cleaning product similar to those used for LCD screens (i.e. speciality cloth, not just anything lying around the house).   Currently, the inconvenient solution available for the cleaning conundrum affecting all iPad owners is to buy a kit online, or in a store – costing an additional $15.


They can use this site and have a high-quality microfiber cloth shipped directly - ABSOLUTELY FREE!   

Now which of the latter do you think they will choose?  Why of course – the free cloth!  They don’t have to do anything complicated, they don’t have to leave their house – they can order a free iPad Cleaning Cloth right from their fingerprint-coated iPad!

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By! 

What other promotional give-away do you know of that is targeted directly to a market that is almost guaranteed to use the product every single day?

If you give away a t-shirt, maybe it gets worn once or twice a year…If you give away a water bottle, maybe it gets used a couple times a week…


An iPad Cleaning Cloth Gets Used EVERY DAY!!

Not to Mention, This Is a Targeted Market – You Already Know They Bought an iPad – So Now You Know They Like Technology, Computers, Applications, Smart Phones, Surfing The Web, Multi-tasking, Expensive Electronics & More!

If your company or Web site sells products or services that iPad users are likely to enjoy, then why not have a daily reminder right in the palm of their hands!


All Of Our iPad Cloths:

  • Come in a Clear Plastic Card Sleeve For Easy Storage and Compact Carrying

  • Are Made of The Highest Quality, Washable, Long Lasting Microfiber Lens Cleaning Material

  • Come in Several Colors and Have Your Custom Logo  Screen Printed onto the Corner

  • Are Shipped Directly to Customers via USPS Daily



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